Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to bring to the alcohol and drug education class?

Please bring a photo ID (any photo ID is acceptable, if you do not have access to your photo ID, then please bring another form of identification that verifies your identity). You must also know your CID or case number.

Do I have to attend all alcohol and drug classes at the same time?

Yes.  The state of Texas sets the course guidelines.  You must attend all classes for the course you registered for.  You also must attend for the full class period each day.

When do I get my certificate of completion?

All certificates of completion are distributed upon successful completion of the course.

What if I lose my certificate?

You may contact Singer Therapeutic Services and request a duplicate certificate.  There is a $20 administrative fee for replacement certificates.

How much are the courses?

DWI Education (12 hours): $90/total
DWII (ROP, 32 hours/16  classes): $350:  $50 deposit and $20 per class.
DOEP (15 hours): $115/total

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